Our life together is centered around the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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Sunday Morning Bible Study at 10:45am


John’s Gospel exalts the divinity of our Lord and brings the promises of salvation into clear light. In a unique and profound way, the readers of this Gospel will engage in the story of our salvation through signs and images that will endure through good times and bad. 

Resources for Studying John

The Word from the Beginning: The Person and Work of Jesus in the Gospel of John - Bruce Schuchard

  • This is a very accessible examination of John centering the reader around the theme of the Word.
  • Dr. Schuchard has spent his life studying this Gospel and it really shines in this text. Highly recommended!

Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel: Meaning, Mystery, Community - Craig Koester

  • Koester provides us with an in-depth treatment of the symbolic language of the Gospel of John
  • This text is for those who desire to get deeper into John, it is a resource to return to over an again throughout our study.

The Gospel and Letters of John - R. Alan Culpepper

  • This is a very readable commentary on John that any student from beginner to advanced will find valuable. 
  • Culpepper gives crucial insight to John without getting too lost in the weeds.